Roxio Toast 20 Titanium Full License - Electronic download

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  • Burn, author, copy, and secure CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and USBs
  • Personalize discs with customizable menus
  • Convert media to popular digital formats
  • רשיון קבוע -תשלום חד פעמי

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    Roxio Toast 20 Pro Full License - Features

    Template Designer

    Easily create new DVD menu templates with a custom layout and personalize your backgrounds, buttons, music, and more.

    Easy File Conversion

    Convert your digital media files between popular formats more efficiently with the new simplified file conversion tool.

    Audio Tag Editing

    Enjoy enhancements to the audio disc creation workflow that enable you to add album art, artist information, and custom tags to your metadata.

    Painter Essentials

    Dive into new AI photo painting, enhanced color selection and layer control, new brushes, and improved rendering.


    Explore new ways to add to your zip files; move, update, and replace files more efficiently.

    Workflow walkthroughs

    Leverage new built-in help to view walkthroughs of the interface for any major workflow.


    Burn your photos, videos, audio and data files to CD, DVD and Blu-ray with intuitive drag-and-drop controls. Enjoy new tools to create personalized DVDs with customizable menus, chapters, backgrounds and more!


    Copy CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs in just a few clicks. Copy discs to distribute your latest audio mix, or create backups of your most important files. Even recover files from damaged discs!


    Convert your media files from disc to digital, or between popular digital formats with ease. Convert* DVDs to digital, rip* audio CDs to digital, even restore and convert audio and video from LPs, tapes, and older devices!


    Capture video and audio from virtually anywhere! Explore tools to record your screen, capture webcam video, and record voiceover simultaneously—perfect for creating tutorial or gaming videos!


    Edit your photos, videos and audio files before burning to disc or sharing online. Easily trim video clips, enhance audio files, and stylize or transform images into artwork with AI-powered tools.

    Only Toast Pro extends your editing power further with an exclusive suite of photo editing and digital painting tools.


    Secure your information with banking-level encryption that sets the standard for the industry. Password-protect your private data on disc or USB and enjoy complete peace of mind.

    Plus, exclusive to Pro, zip, unzip protect and share your data with WinZip.

    Create personalized discs with custom menus and chapters

    Turn the growing collection of videos on your laptop, cell phone, or external hard drive into a full home movie menu production.

    Select from one of 100+ themed templates or create your own in the new Template Designer – simply drag and drop your footage, then customize your layout, buttons, background, music, fonts, and more.


    Backup, recover, and secure important information to disc

    Toast Pro extends your file security options to deliver complete peace of mind. Back up your important information to disc, catalog discs to stay organized, and even recover files from damaged discs.

    With banking-level encryption, you can be confident that your data is safe and secure.


    Import and convert media from almost anywhere

    Toast gives you the tools to capture footage right from your screen, a portable device, the web, or even LPs, tapes, and older devices.

    Plus, download and rip content, extract and edit clips from home DVDs, and even make quick edits and trim video clips.

    Burn your projects to Blu-ray Discs - Exclusive to Pro

    Leverage the included Blu-Ray Disc plug-in to burn, copy, and convert files to and from Blu-ray discs.

    WinZip file compression software - Exclusive to Pro

    Compress files to save valuable storage space and reduce upload/download times when you share a file online or in an email. Secure your files from unauthorized access with 128-bit or 256-bit AES encryption and password protection.

    Photo editing software and creativity suite

    Quickly correct and enhance your photos and apply adjustments to one or thousands of photos at once with Corel AfterShot 3.

    Transform your photos into masterpieces with unparalleled photo-painting and cloning tools, and award-winning Natural-Media™ brushes in Corel Painter Essentials 8.


    Roxio Toast 20  - compare editions


    Toast 20 Titanium

    Toast 20 Pro



    YES + Blu-ray disc burning

    Intuitive interface with drag-and-drop controlsYESYES
    Pinnable workflows for quick access to favorite toolsYESYES
    Author DVDs with custom chapters and menus

    YES + with new Template Designer

     YES + with new Template Designer

    YES + with new Template Designer


    Disc and file conversion tools

    YES + with new easy file conversion interface

    YES + with new easy file conversion interface

    Creative suite of applications to capture, edit, and stylize mediaYES


    YES + photo editing software and
    digital painting software

    Everything needed to burn, secure, copy, convert, and share media to disc or digitalYES 


    YES + file compression software

    Burn video to DVD, and burn HD on DVDYES 


    YES + Blu-ray disc burning

    Create your own templates with fully customizable layouts, borders, buttons, backgrounds, titles, music and more



    Access creative and customizable DVD menu templates

    20 Templates

    100+ Templates

    Create photo discsYES YES 
    Burn audio CDs and music DVDs with CD-Text, track trimming, and crossfades



    Burn data discs and customize with icons, backgrounds, and other optionsYES YES 
    Burn Mac-only or Windows-compatible formatsYES YES 
    Automatically catalog the contents of data discsYES YES 
    Encrypt files to disc or USB drive with banking-level encryption (AES256-bit)YES YES 
    Compress and password protect files with WinZip Mac 9-


    Create copies of CDs and DVDYES 


    YES  + Blu-ray discs

    Copy Mac OS, Toast, and other disc image formatsYES YES 
    Customize DVD-Video titles, audio tracks, and language options for DVD copiesYES YES 
    Recover files on damaged discs and easily identify unrecoverable filesYES YES 
    Convert video from DVD-video discs, images, folders, cameras, and more, to your desired file typeYES YES 
    Rip* music, videos, and audiobooksYES YES 
    Convert audio from LPs, tapes, microphone, discs, and moreYES YES 
    Convert video or audio files to almost any popular formatYES YES 
    Schedule conversion projects to auto-run when you're away from the computerYES YES 
    Pause and resume video conversions to free up your system when neededYES YES 
    Capture webcam video and record your screen simultaneously with MultiCam CaptureYES YES 
    Capture audio recordings and voiceoversYES YES 
    Capture music to your music library, or burn to CDYES YES 
    Automatically add artist metadata and album artworkYES YES 
    Catalog and easily browse media filesYES YES 
    Trim and enhance video clipsYES YES 
    Edit across multiple video sources simultaneously

    2 Streams

    4 Streams

    Enhance audio files with noise reduction toolsYES YES 
    Edit audio creatively with new filtersYES YES 
    Adjust the pitch of audio filesYES YES 
    Import your photos and stylize images into digital artwork with AI-powered toolsYES YES 
    Automatically adjust and recognize objects in images for quick enhancementYES YES 
    Leverage artificial intelligence to expedite workflowYES YES 
    Crop, straighten, control exposure, correct color, and more-YES 
    Easily manage large photo collections—organize, search photos, and create web galleries-YES 
    Use blemish and red eye remover tools to make every photo picture perfect-YES 
    Enhance photos in a click using the image preset library-YES 
    Adjust one or thousands of photos with powerful batch processing controls-YES 
    Protect your photos with comprehensive watermarking-YES 
    Enjoy support from 250+ RAW camera profiles-YES 
    Turn photos into amazing paintings with smart photo painting tools-


    Auto-paint your photos to a selected style with one click-


    Paint from scratch, easily sketch, draw, or paint from scratch on a blank digital canvas-


    Enjoy a realistic Natural-Media™ painting experience with brushes and art tools that mimic real oil paints, chalks, charcoal, watercolor, and more-


    Zip and unzip files in seconds with WinZip's leading compression tools-


    Zip your files to reduce file size, and back up your photos and projects to fit more content onto one CD or DVD-


    Extract content from the industry's widest selection of compressed file types, including Zip, Zipx, RAR, LHA, 7Z, JAR, and WAR files-


    Minimize file sizes to share large files efficiently over email-


    Password-protect zipped files for email-


    Share files directly to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and ZipShare-



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Roxio Toast 20 Titanium Full License - Electronic download

Roxio Toast 20 Titanium Full License - Electronic download

  • Burn, author, copy, and secure CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and USBs
  • Personalize discs with customizable menus
  • Convert media to popular digital formats
  • רשיון קבוע -תשלום חד פעמי

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